Doors and Rooms (Roblox Doors)

Doors and Rooms (Roblox Doors)

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Doors and Rooms is an exhilarating horror game that immerses you in a mysterious and clandestine world. Your mission is to explore as many rooms as possible, delving into the dark corners of the premises. However, you’re not alone in this eerie labyrinth as monsters relentlessly pursue you, determined to thwart your progress.

To survive, you must rely on your intellect and quick thinking to outsmart deadly traps and evade grotesque creatures. Those familiar with the Doors mode in Roblox will find this game easy to navigate. One particularly formidable monster can only be escaped by hiding in a closet. Stay vigilant and use every tool at your disposal to stay alive in this unsettling and nightmare-inducing environment.

Do you have what it takes to conquer all the rooms and escape from this ominous place unscathed? Test your mettle with Doors and Rooms and discover your survival threshold in the most harrowing of circumstances.

The game is fan-made game based on the Roblox Doors game.


Doors and Rooms (Roblox Doors) is developed by Invisible Studio.

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